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Book sale promotion


I have one story that is in Kindle Unlimited, so the price is still 99 cents. But I have it on promotion right now for FREE! This is a limited time, so grab them right away.

Martin & James vs The Evil Mosquito Scientist

I have 3 other stories available wide. They are all free and available at multiple online locations (iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords).

Martin & James vs The Masked Moss-Trooper and you can the audiobook

Martin & James vs The Crazed Weatherman

Martin & James Visit the Witch

Right now they are all free – go grab them and enjoy.

If you read any of the stories, a review would be appreciated. Really, reviews are awesome and help a lot with getting a book known and helping the author to sell more. If that happens, you get more stories, so we all win. Please though, if you are a close friend or family, make note of that in the review.

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