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Ian Douglas

Ian Douglas is not only a great author, but a wonderful person. I hadn’t even heard of him, despite the fact that he is a New York Times bestseller, until I met him at his house. I was a bit floored as I didn’t even know who he was when I went. I overheard him talking to someone and they were talking Stephen King (another of my favorite authors) and I jumped into the conversation. As if I knew anything about some author’s writing.

Once that conversation was over, someone pulled me aside and said, “Hey, you know he’s a famous author?” Then they proceeded to show me a bookcase full of Mr. Douglas’ works. Impressive.

Let me say, this man has tons of books in his house. Most walls are covered in stuffed bookcases. Not only did I meet him, I borrowed American Gods by Gaiman – who has now become one of my other favorite authors.

His writing tends towards military sci-fi. This is a category I had never read before, but if you have actually met an author you kind of feel obligated to read something of theirs. I picked up book #1 of his Star Carrier series and was blown away! I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. The part that impressed me was that most of the book was essentially one battle. This was done so it was not only interesting, but completely held my interest.

Since then I have read several of his other books – the Andromeda Dark series and part of his Heritage and Inheritance series. I also have some Battletech that he’s written, along with some Dr. Who. Add to that he worked on some RPG’s and guides for video games, and you’ve got a pretty illustrious career.

Below are some of his books that I recommend.

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