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Martin & James vs. The Masked Moss-Trooper

This is a Dick Tracy, pulp fiction style story. If you aren’t sure who Dick Tracy is or what pulp fiction is, take a minute and look it up.

I like the era of action stories that Dick Tracy is from. The pre-James Bond detective with gadgets, but that post-victorian era time. If you’ve seen Batman: The Animated Series cartoon, you have an idea of the type of world I’m talking about.

I wanted to create a series of adventures that involved a character like Dick Tracy and get that pulp feel. Even though most of the pulp magazines no longer exist, I was trying to get stories that would fit into those magazines. As if readers were getting the magazines to follow the adventures of this hero. That’s how we Conan by Robert E. Howard. The stories were printed in various magazines, not in order and each was separate. Now, we can get collections of all of the Conan stories and they’ve been put in chronological order, but that wasn’t how they were originally. Hopefully, the Martin and James stories capture this adventurous feel.

Originally, Martin was going to be solo, but somewhere along the lines, a Robin-esque sidekick came into being. While you can see the similarities to Robin, you might also pick out a bit of R2-D2 in James.

I would like to thank Jason (you know who you are) for the inspiration for this story. This kid not only has some great dreams that he remembers, but he will talk to you while he’s dreaming. Yeah, if these make money, I think he’ll need some writing credit and royalties.

Check out the first story – Martin & James vs. The Masked Moss-Trooper

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Hopefully you like the story and want more. Well, I have more. I can send you the second story – Martin & James vs The Evil Mosquito Scientist – just give me your name and email below.

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