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Coronavirus lockdown activities for kids

As we keep hearing over and over, the coronavirus lockdown is changing the world. I’m sure for most parents, you don’t care how it’s going to change the world later, what you care about right now is taking care of your kids.

I would like to offer a bit to help with that. I have been working on adding books to my list of favorite books. These may be books that your kids haven’t read, so it’s a good page to visit to find them something to read – especially if they’ve read everything out there it seems.

One of my other goals as a middle grade author is to encourage and help kids to write. I have a growing page of resources for parents and teachers to help them get kids reading and writing.

I also have a page dedicated to getting more writing exercises out for kids – coronavirus stay in activities page. If you’re like most parents, you’re looking for as many fun and creative ways to engage your children and stem off boredom and I hope the activities I am gathering help with that.

Keep an eye out for more activities and check back for new reviews. If you would like to join my list, I will send some short stories and coloring pages. When I have new books and stories, those on the list will be the first to know and hear about them.

This is one adventure that we are all on and our kids will remember. Let’s keep them exploring their own creativity and visiting other worlds through story. I wish you the best.