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Author Talks, Webinars, and Writing Workshops – schools and libraries, live and virtual – homeschool groups

  • Imagination Without Fear for Writers – hands on workshop with ideas to inspire writing for kids
  • Future Skills: Crafting Video Game Stories – Intro to creating stories that are turned into video games
  • Future Skills: Successful Story Structure and Video Game Design – Workshop that teaches story structure and then creating a video game based on that story
  • Future Skills: From Idea to Published Book – Step by step workshop for kids to create a story and get a published book

Professional speaking – keynotes

  • Supercharge your kids – Preparing kids for the future workforce

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I feel that it’s important that we encourage our children to use their imagination and learn to be creative. The future needs to have people that create and enjoy things like music and paintings and reading books.

Ravenna, Ohio Winter Writer Festival

Writing exercises

Each of my books and short stories contain writing exercises. I also include definitions to words that may be unfamiliar. These can be used to write any story, but I’d love to read some student fan fiction with my characters and settings.

Chicao, Illinois HalloWEEM


The following guides contain activities for the mentioned book.

Town Magician: Embracing the Magic

Town Magician: Transgression of Magic

Town Magician: Short Stories

Cincinnati, Oh Mensa Regional Gathering

Virtual Visits

If you have a writing class or homeschool group, I would love to talk with them. The easiest is a recorded, virtual visit. Have your class or students answer the questions in the document below. You will receive a video recording of my answers.

I live in Northeast Ohio and can more easily visit a school for an in person author talk. For those further away, at the moment, a virtual visit (via zoom, skype, or similar) is the best option.

Contact me to discuss.

Imagination and Creativity talk/workshop

This talk is perfect in libraries or after-school events where parents can be involved. I use examples and fun activities to spark children’s imaginations, but also to help their parents understand the importance of using imagination.

Imagination without fear – a small workshop for kids and their parents. We discuss imagination and engage in several activities to help spark that imagination.

Ravenna, Oh Winter Writer’s Fest


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Writer at Work Podcast

Writing Pursuits podcast – Branding for Middle Grade

J. Thorn’s Author Success Mastermind

Between the Covers Podcast

Books, Blogs, and Poetry – USA Global TV Network

Mando Method Roundtable Podcast

Southside Broadcasting

Discovered Wordsmiths – weekly author interview podcast

Winter Writer’s Festival

Douglas Coleman Show

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VNP Podcast

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The Verdict

With amazing world-building, rich atmosphere, and engaging storytelling, author S.A. Schneider’s “Embracing the Magic” is an incredible Middle-Grade Fantasy Adventure novel and the perfect first chapter in this emerging series. The emotional growth of the characters, the powerful villain they face, and the entertaining narrative will have young readers and others alike hanging off of the author’s every word. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10

Caramel Lucas Podcast

Stephen Schneider (awesomegang.com)

S.A. Schneider (awesomegang.com)


Rotary of Ravenna, Ohio

Weem – Chicago, Illinois

Virtual RG – Dayton, Ohio

Reed Memorial Library Writer’s Weekend

Western PA Mensa – Pittsburgh, PA

Cincinnati 4D: It’s about CAM time – Cincinnati, Oh

Super Saturday Kids Program – Dayton, Oh

Parents and Educators

My mission is to inspire kids to use their imagination and show them how they can create a fulfilling life. My focus is on stories - for books, video games, and more. I have teaching resources on my site for you to help them, including in each book and short story - yes, even the free ones.

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