Other Sites

I have found the below list of websites to be encouraging and helpful. They provide resources for helping kids read and write:

Spark Growth – a facebook page dedicated to helping kids grow through literacy.

Pinterested Parent – a wonderful page with great crafts for kids.

Saturday AM – Manga for everyone – If your kids like to read manga, this is a newer company based in the US. The authors and artists are mostly unknown and this is a great way to support them and give your kids something to read. Be warned, not all the material is appropriate for younger children.

Parents and Educators

If you're looking for material to help your kids write and tell stories, let me keep in touch with you. I'll let you know when I have:

New study guides

Words to Know

Writing Inspiration

articles on narrative design (video game storytelling)

and any free stories for your kids which all include "Words to Know", Discussion Questions, and Write Your Own ideas



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