Don’t you wish you could have a lightsaber? How cool would that be! And force powers – definitely force powers. Gotta clean your room – just point and levitate everything away. Maybe take a ride on the Millenium Falcon. Oh, wait – how about spider powers? Shooting web lines and clinging to walls. No worries about getting late to school – just swing your way there.

While we can’t take those adventures in real life, books can take you on all of these adventures and many more.  If you are looking for fun adventures, check these out:

Join Sam in the Town Magician Series – Book 1 and 2 out soon, but I offer you some free stories to read until then

See how the Young Oddish Questors started in this serial – a free weekly chapter available only here and books coming soon!

Explore the steampunk secret agent world of Martin & James – Check out a few stories of their adventures for free before the full novel – Martin & James vs The Syndicate

Parent and Teacher activities for kids

NOTE to Parents and Teachers: Some kids love to read, some struggle with it. Some kids will want to tell you stories and create worlds of their own. Check out the Resources page for information for all types of kids.

Town Magician

Small local towns are protected by magicians. This is the story of one magician’s rise and his adventures. Join Samual, Rory, Clarise, Toby and Cat as they face trials together.

Clarise and the Night Show
Faking the Magic
Embracing the Magic
Transgression of Magic