Imagine a world where wolves are the villains, lurking in the shadows, always ready to pounce on innocent characters. This is a common theme in many stories and fairy tales, where wolves are portrayed as menacing creatures. But is this portrayal accurate? In this talk, I explore the fascinating world of wolves, both in fiction and in reality, to debunk the myth that they are evil creatures. We’ll see that wolves have been unfairly stigmatized in literature and media, and by comparing their fictional portrayals to real-life wolf behavior, we’ll learn that these majestic animals are an important part of our ecosystem and deserve our respect and understanding.

I also talk about my wolf Hunter, who is also my writing meme and appears in several of my stories.

Embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of storytelling with S.A. Schneider, author of middle grade fantasy books. In this immersive workshop, students become the co-authors of an original fantasy adventure. S.A. engages students in the art of storytelling, guiding them through a 3-act narrative structure.

Through lively brainstorming, discussions, and critical thinking, young storytellers contribute ideas for characters, settings, conflicts, and plot twists. These ideas are skillfully woven together to create a complete, captivating story. The final story is then compiled into a book, allowing students to see their creative contributions come to life. This hands-on and interactive workshop not only promotes literacy and creativity but also empowers students to explore their own writing talents, making it an ideal addition to school visits, library programs, and community education initiatives. Join us for a dynamic adventure in storytelling and inspire the next generation of authors!

For centuries, stories have been told to entertain. From the earliest times of sitting around a campfire to
the progress of printed books to motion pictures on a screen, we’ve enjoyed adventures and happenings
in others’ lives.
The modern story is being told through interactivity with video games. This is a new way of telling a
story and has skills different from other storytelling methods. This growing part of the video game
industry is still in its infancy, but those that understand it are needed for today’s complex games.
The video game industry has grown bigger than sports and movies. High school students can get
varsity letters in eSports and even scholarships. This makes video games an exciting career.
In this workshop, students will be introduced to what makes video game storytelling unique and
practice creating a video game using minecraft-like board and blocks with an app that make it easy for
anyone to use. Meaning – no coding necessary!
Students will have to opportunity to continue working with the tools once the class is done to expand
their video game.

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