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In each of my books, I include a section at the back that has Words to Know and Create Your Own Stories. I encourage kids to read books and then write stories in that world with those characters. There’s no better way to take a trip than to create that trip yourself.

Are you looking for a writing coach for your kids – I can help. I specialize in working with kids to teach them the fundamentals of story creation. Creating stories is the basis for writing novels and creating video games. Hire me here:


Future Skills:

I also offer a workshop for kids to help them craft video game stories. This teaches them skills in writing, game design, and programming – all needed skills for future jobs.

Future Skills: Crafting Video Game Stories

Writing Links

Posts: Imagination Inspiration – I feature collections of pictures to help inspire stories in kids

Paper: Writing during the shutdown – a list of writing activities for kids

Paper: Write a book – guidance and step by step plan to help kids write a full book

Post: Writing Prompts – Each week, Reedsy posts writing prompts for a weekly writing contest. Even if you don’t enter the contest, it’s a good place for writing prompts.

Post: Writing with balance – An activity to take a paragraph and practice rewriting it.

Paper: Writing short stories – Steps for kids to take to write a complete short story. This can be fan fiction or their own characters. Also found in the Wee Collection of Yarns book.

Podcast: Merriam Webster Word Matters – learn about words and language – their surprising history and mis-conceptions.

Podcast: Grammar Girl – short episodes that discuss, in detail, different word topics

Link: 6 Ways to Inspire Reluctant Writers – a blog article from Lulu Junior with ideas to get kids writing

Email list: Merriam Webster word a day

Email List: Dictionary.com word a day

Post Series: Video Game Training – Creating Your Own Choose Your Own Adventure Book

Posts and Video Series:

Illustory – LULU Jr. has a package that allows kids to write a story and turn it into an actual book! I love this package. Check out my videos.

Post: Writing Exercise Blue Beetle Movie Story – a writing exercise you can do with kids to help learn the parts of a story

Parents and Educators

I like to keep in contact with parents and educators. As I add new resources - study guides, training videos, and articles - I'll let you know what's available. Besides telling you when I have a new book, I also offer short stories to you. These include educational study guides and other resources. I promise not to send a ton of emails.

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