Imagination Inspiration

Kids can tell great stories – and they love to do so! Their imaginations can be over the top and you never know what you might get.

If your kids are having a hard time kickstarting their imaginations, a good exercise is to write a story based on pictures. Below I have links to various pictures I’ve taken that can spark imaginations and lead to some fun stories. Feel free to use the pictures with your kids and if you’d like to share, I’d love to read the final stories! – Send them to

Nelson Ledges Quarry State Park – located in Northeast Ohio, this state park is so cool to walk through. It used to be the site of a quarry where they dug up tons of rocks. What’s left are some massive cliffs and the most fantastic rock formations. There are so many great stories that can spring from these pictures.

Traveling Dogs – Many people take their dogs on vacation with them. I’m sure the dogs are excited and love the trip. Or maybe they don’t. Use these pictures to help inspire kids to come up with stories about traveling animals.