Imagination Inspiration – Nelson Ledges State Park

Please use these pictures to inspire your kids for some great stories.

This is the field across from the trail entrance. Looks similar to what I thought of when I created the Dire Wolves leaving the forest in Embracing the Magic. What do your kids think lurk in these woods that might poke their heads out?
What is this leading to? Could it be home to some troll? Or maybe elves are building a fortress? Were giants tossing rocks around? What kind of tree is growing from the rocks and is there a caretaker for it?
What might be at the end of this narrow tunnel? Could it lead to a magical realm? Is there something trapped at the other end?
Have we been lost and Is this the way out? Are we something emerging from the hidden depths? Could this be another planet and that’s the first time the sun has come out?
Another great picture to wonder – what’s down this narrow trail? How far down does this go? Is there a river at the bottom?
How about this gorgeous scene? Such a beautiful place.

Maybe you’d like to visit and get inspiration at the source? Take a notebook and pen and write as you sit amongst this majesty of nature. Be warned – there are no safety rails and some of the trails can be treacherous. Be cautious. You don’t need to get into any dangerous areas to see some great formations and get inspired.

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