Clarise and the Night Show

Clarise and the Night Show

Will Samual's first adventure with Clarise end in disaster?

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About the Book

The world of the Town Magician used to be fraught with fierce creatures that attacked the towns. When magic flourished throughout the land, the power of the Magician’s overtook the soldiers. Now, each town and village has its own Town Magician that help it prosper.

In the town of Tatroon, Samual struggles to survive. He not only doesn’t fit in with kids his age, he has no magic, and his father is the town drunk. His full story is told in Embracing the Magic, but the question remains – how did Samual meet Clarise?

Clarise, who is not only popular but can channel magic, talks to him in the market. When she asks if he would like to sneak out to see a night show with a Town Magician at a neighboring village, Samual is unsure what to do.

This heartwarming short story is a fantastic introduction to the Town Magician world. Find out how Samual and Clarise meet and join in their first adventure.

NOTE: this is a prequel short story to the full book – Embracing the Magic

Series: Town Magician, Book .5
Genres: Fantasy, Magical, Middle Grade
Tags: embracing the magic, samual, town magician
Publisher: Mind Architecture, Inc
Length: short story
ASIN: B087JC3K83
ISBN: 9781734047653
About the Author
S. A. Schneider

S.A. Schneider has a wolf, so of course he writes middle grade fantasy, wouldn’t you? Since his Lego and action figure days, he’s crafted worlds and stories within those worlds. This pursuit continues to his books today.

Now he shows kids, and their parents, the joy of writing as a lifelong pursuit and how to turn it into a career. Not just books, but video game stories!

He wants others to join him in fantastical worlds and possibly even delve into creating their own.

Enjoy the Adventure!

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