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S.A. Schneider has a wolf, so of course he writes middle grade fantasy, wouldn’t you? Since his
Lego and action figure days, he’s crafted worlds and stories within those worlds. This pursuit
continues to his books today.
Now he shows kids, and their parents, the joy of writing as a lifelong pursuit and how to turn it
into a career. Not just books, but video game stories!
He wants others to join him in fantastical worlds and possibly even delve into creating their own.
Enjoy the Adventure!

Featured Books

Middle Grade Fantasy

SA Schneider Books
Embracing the Magic
Clarise and the Night Show
Faking the Magic
Young Oddish Questors
Curse of the Spiral
Sam and the Christmas Ghost – 2021 Christmas Special
Transgression of Magic
The Outsider – Halloween 2023 Special
Lessons Learned : A Year of New Author Advice
Help an Author visits Southeast Pirates
Amanda’s Christmas – 2023 Christmas Story
Case of the Delivery Guy – 2022 Christmas Story

Guest Appearances

I am available for author visits and talks at school, libraries, scout groups, homeschool groups, and book clubs. If travel is prohibitive, he will gladly attend via virtual visit.

Besides writing, I’ve got a talk for parents/teachers to help them prepare their kids for the future of work. In it, I will show what kids can do now to prepare for a future where they control their work life.

And I have a workshop that demonstrates these skills – Videogame Storytelling. Kids (and adults) get hands on practice in creating stories in video games and are provided with  software and assets to create their own video games.


(330) 578-4494

I am very focused on helping kids discover their imagination and use that to create stories in books and video games.

As part of my desire to help I’ve provided resources for educators on this website. And my books have study guides available, but also educational resources at the back of each book.

Do you follow the common core for your resources?

yes and no. Most of the study guide and resources at the back of my books can be used with common core learning, but I don’t insist on adhering to them directly. I try to help kids discover their imaginations and turn that into great stories.

How do you teach stories for video games?

This is a very hands on workshop that has kids using blocks from Bloxel to create a board that gets turned into a video game. Woven throughout, I show them how stories work in video games and how it’s different than a book. And for you teachers and parents, we talk about actual careers in video games – even if you don’t know how to program.

Do you have free stories so we can see what you're writing is like?

Of course! Check out the books above or go to this page.

Parents and Educators

My mission is to inspire kids to use their imagination and show them how they can create a fulfilling life. My focus is on stories - for books, video games, and more. I have teaching resources on my site for you to help them, including in each book and short story - yes, even the free ones.

Once in awhile I send an email with updates on the new material. Sign up to be informed and get some teaching materials along with stories for the kids to read and be inspired by.

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