Imagination Inspiration – Traveling Dogs

I’m sure you’ve gone on vacation. Maybe you went to visit relatives in another state. Or you might have stayed in a tent or an RV. Did you go to an amusement park?

It’s fun going on vacation and you can create some great stories based on your vacation adventures.

But what about our furry friends? Many people take their animals on vacation with them. Think what it’s like for a dog going on a long road trip and being on vacation. What are they excited to do? Do they enjoy the new sights? And for dogs, it’s probably all the new smells that are exciting.

When you were going on vacation, did you know where you were heading? You probably did, but a dog doesn’t know. They just know they are on a trip. Maybe they thing they’re going to the dog park?

Below are some pictures of dogs traveling with their humans. Take a look at these dogs. Where do you think they’re going? What do you think they’ll do once the get there? Are they enjoying the trip? What if the dog gets car sick – how would they feel about a long ride? See what stories you might come up with as to what type of trip these dogs are going on and what they’ll do once they arrive. Don’t forget to give the dogs names.

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