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Like many authors I wrote a book and proceeded to order a ton of copies. Everyone will be buying it, so I need dozens, right?

Then, also like many authors, I got a bit better and fixed that book to a 2nd edition. Now, I’m stuck with dozens of books that I can’t sell. Who wants the old version? And I don’t want them to have it.

Now what to do with all the leftover books.

Likewise, if you’ve ever been to a library book sale you can get tons of books for good prices. And usually on the last day you can buy whole bags of books for pennies.

If no one purchases them they get pulped or dumped in the landfill. Which is what also happens to many leftover author books.

I wrote an article about making bookmarks out of the pages. This is a follow up article on something else you can with old books – book stands!

Book Stands

This one is even easier than the last one. In the end, you’ll have a unique book stand to display your books.

Start off with some spray glue.

Ok, then you need to place your first book down and spray it with the glue. Get the sides good, because you want the glue to saturate the pages some to hold them together. Then before it dries on the top, lay another book on top of that one.

when you lay the next set of books to glue down, lay them off a bit. This will form a lip to set the book on, and then the rest become the back to hold it upright.

Continue laying books down on the wet glue. Make sure to spray around the edges of the pages to glue them together or your stand will flop around.

You will need to let it dry, but once done, you have a neat little book stand.

You also may want to glue a couple books together and then cut. This piece can be used for the back part that sticks our and is not supported. Glue that in, and you want have to worry about it toppling over.


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