Illustory is a package offered by LULU Jr. to allow kids to write a story that can be turned into a book.

Lulu is an online service that allows authors to create books from their manuscripts. They aren’t a publisher and your book isn’t offered in Amazon or other online stores, but is available for purchase through the LULU store as a physical book. Authors often use LULU to create books that they sell direct on their website or in live author events.

A subsidiary is LULU Jr with packages to help kids write their stories. There are 2 packages – 1 for books and one for comics. This series focuses on the books.

Teachers and parents can use the included book to guide their kids with story creation. The story can be anything the kids want to write about – it’s their story! The template pages also include an area for accompanying pictures on each page.

the guidebook in the kit can help kids walk through the process of writing their story, even if they aren’t sure how to go about it. See the next video for more.

If interested in the kit, visit the LULU Jr website:

Book-Making Kits for Kids | Lulu Junior (

And you can also order the kit for your kids. There is a newer version of the kit which includes creating your book online, so check that out.


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