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I have lived with video games my entire life. Got an Atari 2600 the year it came out and had 10 games! Trust me, in 1977 that was a big deal. Back then, video games were a minor form of entertainment, mostly for kids. That is no longer the case.

Today’s kids are not just growing up with video games, it is a constant part of their lives. Playing games is so intrinsic to their living, they continue doing it into adulthood. Seeing middle aged adults play video games is no longer unusual, and has become more common each year as the generations grow up with more video games.

This has led to an industry that has grown to be the biggest part of the entertainment industry. Gaming Is Five Times Bigger Than Movies Now – Gameranx


This means, there are more jobs associated with video games than in movies or pro sports for those that want to make it their career. More opportunities for the young people now to focus on a career they love.

Some Facts

Here are several other video game related facts.

Even several years ago, there were more viewers of videogame sports worldwide and in the states – https://onlinegrad.syracuse.edu/blog/esports-to-with-traditional-sports/

In Jan 2023, the Ohio High School Athletic Association passed that high school students can earn a varsity letter in eSports – https://www.ohsaa.org/news-media/articles/ohsaa-to-support-esports-ohio-state-tournament


Students are getting scholarships to college as this new sport escalates and attracts even more viewers.

Newzoo Global Esports & Live Streaming Market Report | Free Version



Online Streaming

The rise of online streaming has had a lot to do with the rise of esports and video games in general. Kids have grown up watching video game stars – like Blevins mentioned in the above article. To them, Markiplier and Pew Die Pie are rock stars and spend their free time watching these guys like past generations have watched other forms of entertainment.

Video Games without Programming

There are ways to work on video games even without programming. Narrative Design is a newer position that is focused on the story aspects of games and not the programming and development. There are packages that allow anyone to create a videogame without doing any programming. These same games can then be distributed via the android and apple stores.

More Inclusion

For eSports, many kids that wouldn’t be able to play ‘regular’ sports can be included and compete in eSports. Doesn’t matter gender or physical disabilities or being neurodivergent. And the video game industry is very accepting of anyone and more tolerant than many other career avenues out there.

More Interest

The kids are just more interested in videogames and eSports, as mentioned above. Here are some articles giving some facts of this.


How Big Sports Leagues Are Trying to Woo the Gamer Generation – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

They can be ready for a career right out of high school

One of the most exciting aspects for me, is showing kids (and their adults) how they can start learning and developing videogames while in middle school and then work on a portfolio in high school and be ready for a job immediately upon graduation. Many jobs don’t require college degrees but want experience.


I am focused on helping more kids learn stories and writing, with a more niche focus of writing videogame stories. I have several articles and more on the way.

Choose Your Own Adventure writing: https://www.sa-schneider.com/author/choose-your-own-adventure-1-what-and-why/

Video Game Storytelling with Evan Skolnick

eSports coaches from BioMed Science Academy interview

Parents and Educators

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