On my Discovered Wordsmiths podcast, I recently interviewed a couple coaches for an eSports team. I have been excited and telling more parents about eSports, and here’s why.

1 – video games are bigger business that movies and pro football combined. This means there are more opportunities for careers in the video game industry.

2 – the Ohio High School Athletic Association in Jan 2023 approved for Ohio high school students to earn varsity letters with eSports.

3 – there are over 200 Ohio high schools with eSports teams.

4 – why this push for eSports? Because the Ohio colleges that have eSports teams were having the recruit from outside the state. Yes, recruit – meaning scholarships.

5 – the job position of narrative designer if relatively new in the video game industry. It basically means video game storyteller – that’s their job, to write the story for video games.

6 – companies, like Blizzard and Playstation, that want to hire people for this position want experience and not necessarily college degree. Starting pay can be as much as $100,000/year

7 – Kids can build a portfolio and gain experience in video game creation and storytelling while still in school.

That all said, I’m excited that there is a high school in my area with an eSports team, and it’s the school my kids attended. I recently interviewed the coaches for that team and we discussed eSports to better help parents understand what this is. Check out the full interview below. There is also a link to the Discovered Wordsmiths podcast episode and several clips to check it out.

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