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Hello and welcome to this new series about a talk that I’m doing. This is tentatively called Supercharge Your Kids. It is a talk I’ve given a couple times. Basically, it is about how we aren’t preparing our kids for the way the future world will be the future work world. We’re preparing our kids as if it is still 1950 and we expect everything to be running that way.

And that’s not how it is. So that’s the focus of this talk. It’s mainly for parents and educators with middle school kids that are preparing to move in the high school and move on to the work world. High school kids also this is very relevant for homeschool parents, all of that is the focus of this talk and who this is addressing now.

I’ve given the talk a couple times, but I know I can’t reach everybody by standing in front of you with a group. So I’m creating this series of videos that will have most of the talk in short bits that you can look at. If it sounds like something of interest or something that would fit your group, your conference or event, whatever your school, your PTO you can get in touch with me at s a dash Schneider.

com. I’ve got the link in the show notes and we can set something up that I can do this talk virtually for your group. I can do it face to face if we can work something out, but I hope those of you watching this find something of interest and think of things differently with how we are getting our kids prepared for their post school life.

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Parents and Educators

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