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Are you ready for an adventure?

NEWS: I will have a table at the Kent Wizardly World! Come visit on July 25th.

Don’t you wish you could have a lightsaber? How cool would that be! And force powers – definitely force powers. Gotta clean your room – just point and levitate everything away. Maybe take a ride on the Millenium Falcon. Oh, wait – how about spider powers? Shooting web lines and clinging to walls. No worries about getting late to school – just swing your way there.

<sigh>OK, so we can’t have those. At least to the best of my knowledge. What’s the next best thing? Creating worlds and stories to do whatever you want. I guess I’ll have to settle for that and hopefully you’d like to come along for the ride.

Keep an eye out for more stories – kids changing their hair color at will, great beasts appearing from a flash of light, a world where Magician’s rule, and more. How much more? Guess it depends on what you like.

For now, I have to visit another world … maybe you’d like to come along? 🙂


NOTE to Parents and Teachers: Do you have kids that struggle to read? Or do you have kids that love to read and can’t get enough? Are some of your kids imaginative and creative and desire to write stories? Check out the Resources page for information so you can help all of these kids.

Town Magician

Small local towns are protected by magicians. This is the story of one magician’s rise and his adventures. Join Samual, Rory, Clarise, Toby and Cat as they face trials together.

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