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Don’t you wish you could have a lightsaber? And force powers – definitely force powers. Someone cuts in front of you in line – force choke. Take that line-cutter. Oh, wait – how about spider powers? Shooting web lines and clinging to walls. What do you mean I can’t get in here, just watch me. And, hey you, Mr. line-cutter – phwip, phwip – get out of the way.

<sigh>OK, so we can’t have those. At least to the best of my knowledge. What’s the next best thing? Creating worlds and stories to do whatever you want. I guess I’ll have to settle for that and hopefully you’d like to come along for the ride.

Keep an eye out for more stories – kids changing their hair color at will, great beasts appearing from a flash of light, a living vampire that may be your next door neighbor, and more. How much more? Guess it depends on what you like.

For now, I have to visit another world … wish I could tell you which one at the moment. 🙂