Thank you so much for reading the short story – Clarise and the Night Show. It is a prequel story to Embracing the Magic which will be out soon. If you haven’t read it, you can get it for free here.

With everyone out of school and staying in, I wanted to offer something else for everyone. Here is a second short story for the kids to read in the Town Magician world – Faking the Magic. I hope the kids enjoy living in Samual’s world. NOTE: the link will take you to Book Funnel where you may download the story. As a bonus, I’ve included Clarise and the Night Show so that you can print them out if the kids like that more than reading a digital device.

Each of the stories encourages kids to write their own stories based on the world Samual lives in. If the kids need some more activities, this can be a great one that will keep them busy. They can also be encouraged to draw pictures to go with the stories. If they get the coloring pages (see below), they can use that as a cover for their own stories.

There are more resources for teachers and parents on the Resource page, including a new Writing exercises during the shutdown and a paper to help kids write a book. I also have a couple of other free stories:

I’ve got to pee – a short story based on Jeff Strand’s book The Haunted Forest Tour. This is a great horror book that is a bit lighter. The older kids may really enjoy travelling into the forest, but the short story is humorous and should be good for any age kids.

During this crazy time, I wanted to offer some more activities for the kids and I’d like to send them to you. Give me your email address below and I’ll send you coloring pages of the first 2 Town Magician books. Also, once the first book is published, I will have a follow up story that won’t be available anywhere else. I’ll let you know when new books are coming and send short stories for free as they are written.

Parents and Educators

My mission is to inspire kids to use their imagination and show them how they can create a fulfilling life. My focus is on stories - for books, video games, and more. I have teaching resources on my site for you to help them, including in each book and short story - yes, even the free ones.

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