• Jeff Strand
    First, a bit of a warning – Jeff Strand is not a MG writer. His focus is on horror, and a lot of comedic horror. But I think his writing is ok for a lot of kids. Read on and decide for yourself. When I was 10, I started reading Stephen King, and he remains […]
  • The Halloween Tree – Ray Bradbury
    Today’s journey will take us through history. AH! I can already hear the kids screaming. But this is the history of Halloween as written by esteemed author Ray Bradbury. You might know Bradbury from Something Wicked this Way Comes. He is well known as a sci-fi writer. This is one of his forays into writing […]
  • Stranger things have happened – Jeff Strand
    If you’ve read any of my other reviews or gotten emails, you know that I love the writings of Jeff Strand. For me, he’s that author that just clicks. His style is always perfect – humorous and quirky. But, Mr. Strand usually writes for adults. Most of his stories have some adult references and language, […]
  • Books a Go Go – Pop Up Bookstore
  • Riverstone Books – Pittsburgh, PA
    This is a nice bookshop near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There’s a lot to like about this bookstore. The best thing is that the staff put index cards on the shelves for recommendations. That’s always nice when the people that work at the bookstore can give personal recommendations. They also have some reader book clubs and supply […]

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