MG School Library Christmas Present:

It has been a rough year for everyone, including schools. With schools adjusting schedules this ultimately hurts our kids. Many students aren’t attending classes in the school building or only attending some days of the week. This has disrupted any budgeting plans, which is already hard enough for schools. Unfortunately, libraries have been affected which makes it difficult for schools to get books for the kids.

S.A. Schneider is offering to send his book for free to 50 middle school libraries. No strings attached. The first 50 schools that get nominated will receive a copy of Embracing the Magic for the kids to check out and enjoy. This includes the story, words to know, and the writing lesson. As a bonus, every school will receive a video as a virtual author visit. If you would like your child’s school to receive a copy of Town Magician Book 1 – Embracing the Magic, please fill out the form below.

UPDATE BONUS: I will also be sending Town Magician Book 2 – Transgression of Magic along with Book 1. So the kids get the first 2 books in the series!

Please fill out the below form completely. You won’t be contacted, but we will let the school know who submitted the information to receive the free gift.

Parents and Educators

I like to keep in contact with parents and educators. As I add new resources - study guides, training videos, and articles - I'll let you know what's available. Besides telling you when I have a new book, I also offer short stories to you. These include educational study guides and other resources. I promise not to send a ton of emails.

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