I want to introduce a young writer by the nae of Avyan Shah. At the age of 8, Avyan wrote a True/False fact book about anatomy. This was part of a school project that he turned into the start of a great career. On top of that, any money he makes is donated to his school and the American Heart Association.

This fits with a talk I’ve been giving about skill that kids can develop while stil in school that will allow them to control their lives in the future. Avyan knows how to write and publish a book at the age of 10 and he’s seen success which encourages him to want to write more. With about 8 more years of experience, he’ll be ready to make publishing books a career that could get him started in life or even become the career that takes him through life.

Below are clips from an episode of Discovered Wordsmiths, the podcast I run that interviews new authors. Find the full episode at:

Episode 163 – Avyan Shah – True of False – Discovered Wordsmiths

Below are some clips from the episode.

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