It’s Christmas! I can totally relate to Elf and want to scream this every year. Whatever holidays you celebrate this year, I hope they’re magical! I love this time of year and look forward to decorating and the music and all the activities! Have some fun and Enjoy the Adventure!

One of my traditions each year is writing short stories. This started years ago with stories I wrote for my kids. I’ve continued the tradition by releasing stories not only at Christmas, but at Halloween. If you missed this years Halloween story, check out The Outsider.

For Christmas 2023 I have Amanda’s Christmas. This is a personal story I wrote years ago for my daughter. She said it was her favorite and I wanted to share it with everyone. Get it for free and read it with your kids. For parents and educators, I include Discussion Questions, Words to Know, and Write Your Own story ideas. I hope everyone enjoys it and it helps make a more wonderful season.

If you missed the story last year, it was an Oddish Questors Christmas. This one is still available and I truly love it. You should get this one if you didn’t see it last year. The Oddish Questor books are coming, so this is a great intro.

Now what about the Christmas ghost stories? What, you ask? That’s crazy.

No, it actually isn’t. In Victorian times, telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve was a tradition. It’s even in the Andy Williams song where he sings “There’ll be scary ghost stories” as one of the Christmas activities to look foreword to. If you are looking for more Christmas stories to read, including some of the ghost variety, check out this post and this post where I list out my favorites. I also discovered a great series of books that have reprinted these Christmas ghost stories.

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Thanks and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year.

Parents and Educators

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