The Gran Turismo movie is more than a racing movie and it’s more than a video game movie. There are many reasons to like this movie. The director Neill Blomkamp did a fantastic job. Yes, the movie is based on a video game, but the subject isn’t treated tongue in cheek or derogatory in any way. And the focus is on the hero story or coming of age story. Yes, there are video game aspects for the Playstation and video game fans, but it’s never the focus of a truly inspiring story.

If you do like racing movies or video games, you’ll love this. There are enough Easter eggs for the Gran Turismo PS fans. It’s really a well done drama and can be enjoyed even if not a video game or racing fan.

Why I Like It

Any kid that may feel hopeless, this movie serves as great inspiration to see that yes, in 2023, it’s still possible to dream and make it. If you’ve ever felt marginalized because you play videogames, let this movie serve to show that video games are becoming much bigger in our world than many people realize.

I do like that they show different viewpoints and feelings about video games and the video games racers. For any kid that has been told video games are just for kids – check this movie out. Anyone that thinks video games wouldn’t be a ‘real’ career – check this movie out. In fact, I chuckled when the dad in the movie wants his son to work on a real career – like soccer (football). It wasn’t too long ago that a pro sport career wasn’t a thing. In fact, many people were thought crazy if you wanted to go to Hollywood to make movies. We are at the dawn of video games as respected careers and this movie helps show that.


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