Oddish Questor’s 


by Gianna

Many of you have heard me talk about my wolf, Hunter. How he’s a big, goofy, sweet boy. He is also going to be part of the upcoming Oddish Questors series. 

At the recent Cuyahoga Library roundtable, I had some pictures of Hunter. There are a lot of wolf enthusiasts out there, and Gianna from Cleveland drew a picture of Hunter based on his photos! It is so cool!

Looks like I need to speed up the writing so that the rest of you can experience Hunter. For now, enjoy Gianna’s picture.

Oddish Questors

Coming Soon

check out the Young Oddish Questors serial until then


The Oddish Questors are a group of siblings that explore the paranormal. 

Freddy – Freddy is the oldest and the showman. He’s a kid at heart, which can get him in trouble with his siblings because of his irresponsible ways.

Andy – Andy is on the spectrum and may have some ability to know what is going to happen – precognition.

Cara – Cara is a tech genius. She can program anything and creates most of the gadgets that the gang uses.

Conor – Conor’s the defacto leader because he knows the most about what they are searching for and pushes himself the hardest. He loves research.

Madelyn – Madelyn is a witch, and I mean that in the best way. She controls magic and her spells have saved the group more than once.

Mason – Mason is the youngest and the only natural child of Mama T and their father, he wasn’t adopted. Always eager to do what needs done and be a part of the group, his specialty is still being discovered.

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