This is a nice little bookstore, and it’s in an area that doesn’t have many bookstores. I’ve been wanting to visit because the owner used to do writing classes (which she may start doing again).

When I stopped, a girl was there getting her senior pictures. I thought that was pretty great. The owner said that they’ve been there for 11 years, but a lot of people still don’t know about them. Time to get the word out. They offer some products and services that I haven’t seen at other stores.

The store is divided into sections as most stores are. She also has mystery boxes of books in various genre’s. That’s a great thing I wish other stores did!

I did find a book that I’ve not seen in other bookstores (except the big chains). Not only that, they have books on writing which most independent bookstores don’t carry. That and the mystery boxes make this a unique place.

They do offer ordering and having items shipped, so it may be worth contacting them if you are looking for something.

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