Today’s journey will take us through history. AH! I can already hear the kids screaming. But this is the history of Halloween as written by esteemed author Ray Bradbury. You might know Bradbury from Something Wicked this Way Comes. He is well known as a sci-fi writer. This is one of his forays into writing for the younger generation. What I liked about this book is that while it has a spooky theme, it isn’t scary. And the history is slipped in there without hardly knowing it. It’s the adventure that is the focus. Friends take an incredible journey to save one of their own. They explore the origins of Halloween through various centuries and cultures. I love it when you learn more about history from a book like this than you do with a textbook. If you’re looking for something to have your kids read and can entice them with the Halloween theme, check this one out. There was also a cartoon movie made based on the book.

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While I encourage kids to read the book, it is currently available on Tubi to watch – Watch The Halloween Tree (1993) – Free Movies | Tubi (tubitv.com)