In the story Clarise and the Night Show, Samual gets to eat Rasmundles. What are Rasmundles you ask? They are a delicious treat in Samual’s world that he doesn’t get until Clarise gets him one. Since we don’t have Rasmundles, we can make something that is close.

The recipe below is a simple recipe that can be varied per your tastes. Kids, don’t use the oven or try to make this recipe without your parents.

Rasmundle Recipe

This is an easy recipe that kids will love. It mimics the Rasmundle’s that Clarise and Samual eat in the ‘Clarise and the Nigh Show’ story. You can make it with different types of fruit and different types of pudding to change the flavor. Have fun. The first couple I made did not turn out, so learn from it and see if you can do another batch better.
Kids, please get your parents help with this. Also, I have tried this, but different ingredients will vary. Make sure you follow common sense on whether to use an ingredient and also to know when something is done.
The ingredients can be a bit variable. I’ll give you what I’ve done.
Crust – I used packaged Phyllo dough. Makes for a great, flaky crust. You can also get some pre-made pie dough and roll it out or even the shells and cut smaller circles out to use.
Pie filling – almost any fruit pie filling will do. I got some raspberry pie filling and also some apple pie filling. If you have a great recipe for some homemade pie filling, try that! If it works, send it along to me, I’d love to try it.
Cream filling – I used a simple Bavarian cream recipe – see below. If you can get some premade Bavarian cream, great.
Topping – cake decorating icing works great, but I liked my own – see below.

Bavarian Cream
1 package of instant vanilla pudding. Other flavors can be good to try.
Heavy whipping cream – use this instead of the milk.
Mix to a thick consistency and then mix in the pie filling

First, heat the over to 350 degrees F.
While that’s heating, let’s mix the Bavarian cream. Add in the fruit filling to it after you mix it well. Be careful, you don’t want too much of one or the other.
Lay out your dough. Use several layers if phyllo dough. If using pie crust dough, roll it out a bit so it isn’t too thick.
Plop some of the filling in the middle of the dough. Don’t over do it.
Close the dough up. Seal it so nothing leaks out during baking. Follow directions for whichever type of dough you are using.
Cook on a baking sheet for 16 minutes. Pie dough may need to cook for 20 minutes. Check before eating.
To make the topping, add water to confectioner’s sugar so it makes a thick paste. Don’t overdo it, a little goes a long way. Then drizzle it over the cool rasmundles. You can add food coloring if you like.
Once done, let cool and enjoy.

The recipe is also contained in the study guide for Embracing the Magic. It also covers Clarise and the Night Show and Faking the Magic.

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