Case of the Delivery Guy – 2022 Christmas Story

Case of the Delivery Guy – 2022 Christmas Story

Can the Oddish Questors save Christmas with their most baffling holiday investigation?

It's Christmas for everyone, including the Oddish Questor team of siblings. But fate won't let them relax and enjoy the holiday like everyone else. Instead, Christmas comes crashing down and drags them into another investigation.


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About the Book

Mason thinks he’s found Santa Claus, a cryptid that Conor never expected to look for. But how do you prove if Santa is real other than belief? The delivery guy they meet makes Mason believe he’s Santa and that he needs help. Soon, everyone is involved in finding something other than the mysterious creatures that is normally what they seek.

This fun Christmas romp has our favorite team of investigators using all their talents to help others at Christmas. The magic will enchant you and the wonder enthrall. If you don’t believe, maybe you haven’t looked closely.

Parents and Educators: like all of my stories and books, I include study guide information and education resources. There is a list of Words to Know for kids to use in their own writing, which I give some prompt ideas in Write Your Own. Of course, there are discussion questions to help with understanding and further sparking of a child’s imagination.

Series: Christmas Special
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Magical
Tags: 2022, action adventure, Christmas, crytpid, magic, S.A. Schneider, sa schneider, scooby doo, short story
Publisher: Mind Architecture Creative LLC
Publication Year: 2022
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About the Author
S. A. Schneider

S.A. Schneider has a wolf, so of course he writes middle grade fantasy, wouldn’t you? Since his Lego and action figure days, he’s crafted worlds and stories within those worlds. This pursuit continues to his books today.

Now he shows kids, and their parents, the joy of writing as a lifelong pursuit and how to turn it into a career. Not just books, but video game stories!

He wants others to join him in fantastical worlds and possibly even delve into creating their own.

Enjoy the Adventure!

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